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INTL Minor

The International Studies minor provides students with the opportunity to add a global perspective to any major, in addition to providing a solid grounding in intercultural communication and the foundations of global citizenship. Students are able to tailor coursework to their own professional and personal objectives, so the minor is a suitable complement to a BA or BS degree in any school or department.

Students may elect up to 12 lower-division credits, which share a common purpose of fostering critical and cross-cultural thinking, as well as encouraging students to seek out and understand diverse perspectives and ways of approaching and communicating about current global issues. The 12 required upper-division credits allow a deeper investigation of issues, regions and cultures, and hone research, effective writing and oral presentation skills in order to address rapidly changing and complex current and future issues.

Requirements for the International Studies Minor

  • 24 credits (6 courses) of INTL coursework
  • A minimum of 12 credits (3 courses) must be upper-division
  • All courses must be taken in residence
  • Courses must be passed with a C- or above to receive credit toward the major, with the exception of courses that are only taught as Pass/No Pass courses, which must be passed with a P*

Add/Drop INTL Minor

There are two ways to add or drop your INTL Minor:

  1. Email the OCIAS Undergraduate Support Team at from your email address with your name, 95#, and the notice that you want to add or drop the INTL Minor, or
  2. Make an appointment with a member of the Global Connections Advising Team in Tykeson Hall.

How do I schedule a remote appointment with a Global Connections Advisor in Tykeson?

  • To schedule a remote ‚Äúdrop-in” appointment M-F, 10-3pm:
    • Use the chat function on this website:
    • Call: 541-346-9200
  • To schedule a remote appointment, you can use the chat function on the website, or schedule directly through EAB Navigate. From there, they will receive instructions on using Microsoft Teams for a remote appointment.