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Faculty Update – Anita Weiss

Professor Anita Weiss has been conducting field research for her book project throughout Pakistan for much of this past academic year. She received a Harry Frank Guggenheim research award to support her research for the book, Countering Violent Extremism in Pakistan: Local Actions, Local Voices. Some of the themes she has been exploring include Pashto resistance poetry; the pluralistic foundations of Sindhi society found in the poetry of Sachel Sarmast, Sheikh Ayaz, and today in the poetry of Hafiz Nizamani, Saif Samejo and others; the critical thinking messages found in Creative Frontiers’


Marietta Faamita Gilmour – BA 2002

Marietta graduated from University of Oregon with a BA degree in International Studies in 2002. She met her husband during her study abroad experience and moved to New Zealand after graduation. Marietta now works as a People and Culture Advisor with Canon group.

Spring Lunch Talk, June 1st

We are excited to organize the last lunch talk of the Spring term which will take place in 348 Prince Lucien Campbell Hall. Snacks and coffee/tea will be available, and the talk will begin at 11:15am and go until right about 11:55 (if you have class at noon, that should give you time to rush over!). We will follow the talk with an informal discussion and Q&A period, too.


June 1st – We will be welcoming Linguistics Instructor Mokaya Bosire whose presentation will be titled “The Africa I did not know – lessons from teaching Swahili in the US.” (Mokaya has a PhD in ...