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2018-19 INTL Newsletter

Welcome back! It’s the end of Fall term Week 1, and the campus is still buzzing with UO pride and enthusiasm from our many students, faculty, and staff. We are looking forward to another year of academics, research, and global connections among all of our INTL affiliates, including our Pre-International Studies majors, International Studies majors and minors, our returning and new MA candidates, all of department’s core and participating faculty, and our global network of INTL alumni.

As we start a new year looking forward and planning for another successful year, we encourage you to take


Matt Fouts – Boren Fellowship, Japan

Matt Fouts, a JDMA graduate student in International Studies, received the Boren Fellowship in 2017. He writes of his experience, including encouragement for future Boren Fellowship Awardees:

“The Boren Fellowship is a great award for students interested in language study, international research, and federal government service.  Boren offers two awards: the Boren Scholarship for undergraduates and the Boren Fellowship for graduate students.  The Boren Fellowship provides up to $24,000 for tuition, travel, insurance, and living expenses for 12 months of study.  I received the Boren


INTL Lunch Talk Dec. 6 – Academic Podcasting: Process and Practice

Academic Podcasting: Process and Practice December 6, 2019 12 – 1 p.m. | 348 PLC

In this lunch talk, Dr. Weaver will describe the content and process associated with her podcast project Speaking of Race ( She will also discuss the benefits and drawbacks of podcasting as an emerging form of public scholarship.