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We see you. We hear you. We support you.

Like so many, the faculty of the Department of Global Studies are pained and outraged by the racially charged injustices that have occurred recently. We encourage you to read and share the powerful statement from our colleagues in the UO Black Strategies Group, Black Cultural Center, and Black Academic Excellence Team:

We also heartily endorse President Schill’s sensitive and insightful message on the state of affairs and affirm his call for deepening our resolve to work toward changing systems of inequality and oppression, of all types and in all contexts:


Reminder: We’re changing our name from “Department of International Studies” to “Department of Global Studies”

Why are we making this change?

Our department is growing and we are broadening the topics that we cover. We feel that the name Global Studies more accurately expresses who we are now and where we see ourselves headed in the future. It expresses how our concerns are centered on the wellbeing of communities and individuals around the globe, regardless of their relationship with particular nation-states. It conveys how everything we do is informed by the forces of globalization, and how we are concerned with the ways local communities respond to globalization and the ways they themselves shape how globalization occurs. The issues with which we concern ourselves are inherently transnational, in that they cut across national boundaries, and inherently local, in that they pertain to the lived experiences of ordinary people in their local communities.

Starting Fall 2020, students seeking to register for department courses will register for Global Studies courses with a “GLBL” course prefix (rather than “INTL”).

Featured Course: INTL 410/510: Global Cultures I & II

Also open to Graduate Students as INTL 510 – Global Cultures I (CRN 43656) and INTL 510 Global Cultures II (CRN 43654)!


Find out more about these courses on our “Intercultural Experiences During COVID-19 Restrictions” page. Looking for other Summer 2020 courses? See our post here + the attached list outlining courses that count towards your Block B: Professional Concentration Area and your Block C: Geographic Focus. And check out the UO Class Schedule for more details!

Summer 2020: Indigenous Rights and Environmental Justice of Bolivia – #NoPassportNeeded

This is another new Summer 2020 opportunity that you could use to satisfy the INTL Major Intercultural Experience requirement!

INTL 488/588: Indigenous Rights and Environmental Justice of Bolivia (6 credits)

Participants will collaborate with Bolivian indigenous peoples and learn how environmental justice, social justice, and indigenous rights are intertwined. In addition to learning through lectures, guest presentations, virtual tours, and readings, students will work on remote service learning projects prioritized by Guarayo and Chiquitano/Monkox indigenous peoples. UO Professor Derrick


Fall 2020 Featured Course: GLBL 448 – Bollywood’s Lens on Indian Society

India is home to the largest film industries in the world. This course explore images of Indian society that emerge through the medium of film through films, readings, and discussions.

Course Objectives:

To gain an awareness of the historical context of the subcontinent and of contemporary Indian society; To understand the sociocultural similarities yet significant diversity within this culture area; To learn about political and economic realities and challenges facing contemporary India and the rapid social changes the country is experiencing; To learn about the Indian film industry, the ...