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Summer Term 2018

Summer 2018 INTL Courses

For a complete listing of INTL course information, including CRNs, please visit the UO Schedule of Classes

NEW Summer Course Offering in PDX!

This year, we are excited to announce our first International Studies course to be offered on the UO Portland Campus! The course, INTL 410/510 Humanitarian Aid in Conflict and Disaster (CRN 42253/42316) taught by Nick Macdonald, is being offered as a workshop both for credit to students and as a non-credit professional development workshop to non-students.

The workshop explores the theory and practice of UN intervention, humanitarian aid, peace building and development during or after violent conflict.  A case study approach will be used, spanning global conflicts in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Rwanda, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Pakistan, among others.

The topics to be covered will all revolve around the general principle of framing appropriate international responses to violent conflict, including:

  • Approaches to ending conflict
  • Use of military power for humanitarian reasons
  • Transitional administrations and international jurisdiction
  • Humanitarianism and human rights
  • Development assistance in war
  • International intervention
  • ‘Natural’ disasters

For more about Nick and his work, click here. For an article about the course, click here. If you would like more information about the course, reach out to!

Zero Week June 18 – June 24  
INTL 407/507 Sem Social Change 8:00am – 12:50pm TWRF Braun Y
INTL 407/507 Dev & Soc Chang Latin America 2:00pm – 4:50pm TWRF Martin G
Weeks 1 to 4   June 25 – July 22
INTL 370 International Human Rights WEB WEB Montague A
INTL 399 Sp St Glb Sports & Pol 10:00am – 11:50am MTWRF Jones P
INTL 410-510 Humanitarian Aid in Conflict and Disaster 4:00pm – 7:50pm** MT Macdonald N
**This course will be taught at the Portland campus
Weeks 5 to 8  July 23 – August 19
INTL 280 Global Environmental Issues & Alternatives WEB WEB Hindery D
INTL 431-531 Cross Cultural Communication WEB WEB Carpenter K
Weeks 9 to 12  August 20 – September 16 
INTL 101 Intro to International Issues 10:00am – 11:50am MTWRF Martin G
INTL 240 Perspectives on International Development 2:00pm – 4:20pm*** MTWRF Meyer E
INTL 407/510 Sem Climate Change WEB WEB Shenkin E
 ***This course only meets Weeks 9-11 (August 20 – September 9)