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Yvonne Braun

Yvonne Braun profile picture
  • Affiliation: faculty
  • Title: Associate Professor
  • Additional Title: WGS Department Head and Graduate Advisor
  • Phone: 541-346-5752
  • Office: 318 Hendricks Hall
  • Office Hours: Spring 2018: Weds 1:30 -3:30 and by appointment
  • Affiliated Departments: Environmental Studies, Sociology
  • Interests: Research focuses on intersection of gender, development, environment, and globalization, with a specific focus on the social and socio-environmental consequences of a large-scale World Bank funded dam development project in Lesotho, Southern Africa.
  • Research Website:


  • Social Inequalities and Change
  • Environmental Justice
  • Race/Class/Gender
  • Lesotho/Southern Africa/Africa
  • Development and Globalization
  • Qualitative Methods


Selected Journal Articles

Braun, Yvonne A., Michael C. Dreiling, Matthew Eddy, and David Dominguez. 2015. “Up Against the Wall: Ecotourism, Development, and Social Justice in Costa Rica.” Journal of Global Ethics 11(3): 351-365.

Braun, Yvonne A. and Assitan Sylla Traore. 2015. “Plastic Bags, Pollution, and Identity: Women and the Gendering of Globalization and Environmental Responsibility in Mali.” Gender & Society 29(6): 863-887.

Yvonne A. Braun and Leslie A. McLees. 2012. “Space, Ownership and Inequality: Economic Development and Tourism in the Highlands of Lesotho” Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society 1-15.

Braun, Yvonne A. 2011. “Left High and Dry: An Intersectional Analysis of Gender, Dams, and Development in Lesotho.” International Feminist Journal of Politics 13(2): 141-162.

This article won the Inaugural Enloe Award 2010 of the International Feminist Journal of Politics.

Braun, Yvonne A. 2011. “The Reproduction of Inequality: Race, Class, Gender and the Social Organization of Work at the Site of Large-Scale Development Projects.” Social Problems 58(2): 281-303.

Bell, Shannon E., and Yvonne A. Braun. 2010. “Coal, Identity, and the Gendering of Environmental Justice Activism in Central Appalachia.” Gender & Society 24 (6), December, 794-813.

This article was highlighted in Contexts, Summer 2011, a public outreach journal published by the American Sociological Association.

Braun, Yvonne A. and Michael C. Dreiling. 2010. “From Developmentalism to the HIV/AIDS Crisis: The Amplification of Women’s Rights in Lesotho.” International Feminist Journal of Politics 12(3): 464-483.

Reprinted 2011 in New Directions in Feminism and Human Rights, edited by Dana Collins, Sylvanna Falcón, Sharmila Lodhia and Molly Talcott, Routledge Press.

Braun, Yvonne A. 2010. “Gender, large-scale development, and food insecurity in Lesotho: an analysis of the impact of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project.” Gender & Development 18(3): 453-464.

Braun, Yvonne A. 2010. “Gender, Development, and Sex Work in Lesotho.” Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal 29(1): 78-96.

Tilt, Bryan, Yvonne A. Braun, and He Daming. 2009. “Social Impacts of Large Dam Projects: A Comparison of International Case Studies and Implications for Best Practice.”  Journal of Environmental Management 90: S249-S257.

Reprinted 2014 in Social Impact Assessment, edited by Frank Vanclay, Edward Elgar Publishing.

Braun, Yvonne A. 2008. “How Can I Stay Silent?”: One Woman’s Struggles for Environmental Justice in Lesotho.” Journal of International Women’s Studies 10(1) October: 5-20.

[Joint Special Issue with Wagadu: Journal of Transnational Women’s and Gender Studies]

Braun, Yvonne A. 2005. “Selling the River: Gendered Experiences of Resource Extraction and Development in Lesotho.” Research in Rural Sociology and Development 10: 373-96.

Braun, Yvonne A. 2005. “Resettlement and Risk: Women’s Community Work in Lesotho.” Advances in Gender Research 9: 29-60.

This article won the Pacific Sociological Association’s Distinguished Student Paper Award in 2005.


Edited Volume

  • Samir Dasgupta, Robyn Driskell, Nicola Yeates and Yvonne A. Braun (equal authorship).  2012. Women’s Encounters with Globalization. Kolkata: Frontpage Publications. (222 pages)

Selected Book Chapters  (*Peer Reviewed, **Refereed, Peer Reviewed)

**Braun, Yvonne A. 2015. “Interrogating Large-Scale Development and Inequality: Bridging Feminist Political Ecology, Intersectionality and Environmental Justice Frameworks.” In A Political Ecology of Women, Water and Global Environmental Change, edited by Stephanie Buechler and Anne Marie S. Hanson, Routledge Press.

**Braun, Yvonne A. and Michael C. Dreiling (equal authorship). 2014. “Frames, Boomerangs, and Global Assemblages: Border Distortions in the Global Resistance to Dam Building in Lesotho.” Pp. 261-292 in Border Politics: Social Movements, Collective Identities, and Globalization edited by Nancy A. Naples and Jennifer Bickham Mendez, New York: New York University Press.

*Samir Dasgupta, Robyn Driskell, Yvonne A. Braun and Nicola Yeates (equal authorship). In production. “Introduction.” Pp. 1-19 in Women’s Encounters with Globalization, edited by Samir Dasgupta, Robyn Driskell, Yvonne A. Braun and Nicola Yeates.  Kolkata: Frontpage Publications.

**Braun, Yvonne A. and Michael C. Dreiling. 2011. “From Developmentalism to the HIV/AIDS Crisis: The Amplification of Women’s Rights in Lesotho.” Pp. 172-191 in New Directions in Feminism and Human Rights, edited by Dana Collins, Sylvanna Falcón, Sharmila Lodhia and Molly Talcott. NY: Routledge. This is a reprint of an article originally appearing in International Feminist Journal of Politics.

*Braun, Yvonne A. 2008. “The Promise of Feminist Political Ecology.” Pp. 204-220 in Understanding the Global Environment, edited by Samir Dasgupta. New Delhi, India: Pearson Education.

**Braun, Yvonne A. 2006. “Large Dams as Development: Restructuring Access to Natural Resources in Lesotho.” Pp. 151-171 in Globalization and the Environment. Edited by Andrew K. Jorgenson and Edward L. Kick. Leiden, NL: Brill Press.


Research websites

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See my site: