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Migration, Displacement & Refugees

PCA Description:

Students will be introduced to the major causes of contemporary population displacement and the consequences of displacement for social, cultural, political, and economic development. Courses will introduce students to global processes contributing to displacement, such as uneven development, colonialism and neocolonialism, urbanization, natural and man-made disasters, and political instability and violence. Students will also become familiarized with the impacts of these processes on forced and voluntary displacement both within and beyond national borders. Additionally, students will explore the intersections between population displacement and other international challenges including: human rights, citizenship and statelessness, political conflict and violence, economic development and urbanization, cultural rights and sovereignty, and health and mental health problems in (im)migrant and refugee communities.

Required: Select two of the following:

INTL 420         International Community Development *Requires INTL 240 as a pre-requisite.

INTL 422         Aid to Developing Countries *Requires INTL 240 as a pre-requisite.

INTL 463         Population Displacement &  Global Health (formerly INTL 410)



ANTH 413       Culture & Psychology

EC 430             Urban and Regional Economics

GEOG 443       Global Migration

HIST 240         Wars and the Modern World

HIST 415         Global Migrations

INTL 432         Indigenous Cultural Survival

INTL 442         Development and Social Change in South Asia

INTL 444         Development and Social Change in Southeast Asia

INTL 445         Development and Social Change in Sub-Saharan Africa

INTL 446         Development & Social Change in Latin America

SOC 303          World Population and Social Structure

SOC 442          Urbanization and the City

SOC 450          Sociology of Developing Areas