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International Business

PCA Description

This professional concentration is intended for students who are curious about how businesses are started, organized, negotiated, managed, grown, regulated, traded, folded, and eventually, rebooted in international contexts. If you believe that material relations and calculation over gain are the driving forces of human behavior regardless of culture, history or geography; if you want to understand how economic activity varies across many societies; or if you simply envision yourself working in a global, transnational, or cross-cultural business context, this is the professional concentration for you.

Students who pursue this concentration obtain a good core foundation in the principles of international business administration, management, and marketing. They supplement this foundation, with elective work that exposes them to cross cultural negotiation, global finance, international trade, and the varieties of economic development in key regions. Students who pursue this concentration combine practical business skills with the core International Studies commitment to deep language ability, extended real-world experience outside the US, and a rich understanding of why it is so important to deeply grasp another person’s history, culture, literature and art. International Studies majors with this concentration are competitive for international job placement and for MBA, Law, Public Policy and other graduate programs, because they have a dual foundation in practical skills for today’s business world and lifelong critical thinking skills.



Required (2):

(1) MGMT 420      Managing in Global Economy*

*Departmental Pre-Requisites are in place. For INTL, non-BADM majors the pre-reqs for MGMT 420 are:

BA 101 and BA 316

For INTL and BADM double majors, the pre-req for MGMT 420 is:

MGMT 321

(2) MKTG 470       International Marketing*

* Departmental Pre-Requisites are in place. For INTL, non-Business majors the pre-reqs for MKTG 470 are:

BA 101 and BA 317

For INTL Majors double-majoring in either Business or Accounting, the pre-req for MKTG 470 is:

MKTG 311

Note: you must be a fully admitted major in International Studies, or a fully admitted Business major, in order to register for MGMT 420 and MKTG 470. Students planning to apply to the INTL Major with a declared concentration in International Business are not considered as such*

ECON 201 & 202 are pre-requisites for all 300-level Economics courses
ECON 311, 313, & 320 are pre-requisites or all 400-level Economics courses

Electives (choose two of the following): 

BA 361             Cross‑cultural Business Communication

BA 365             Cross‑Cultural Negotiation

EC 370             Money and Banking

EC 380             International Economic Issues

EC 480             International Finance

EC 481             International Trade

EC 484             Multinational Corporations

EC 490             Issues in Economic Growth and Development

INTL 345         Africa Today

INTL 422         Aid to Developing Countries *Requires INTL 240 as a pre-requisite.

INTL 423         Development and the Muslim World

INTL 431         Cross‑Cultural Communication

INTL 442         South Asia: Development and Social Change

INTL 444         Development and Social Change in Southeast Asia

INTL 445         Development and Social Change in Sub-Saharan Africa

INTL 446         Development & Social Change in Latin America

MGMT 321      Managing Organizations (open only to ISP & Business double majors)

MGMT 417      Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (open only to ISP & Business double majors)

PPPM 327       Global Leadership and Change