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Diplomacy and International Relations Focus

This graduate focus provides students with insights and tools to become practitioners, policymakers and analysts in areas that concern relations between governments, states and global diplomatic networks. Students will have the opportunity to examine different perspectives on political, social, economic, and environmental concerns within the international arena, providing a rich, interdisciplinary focus for understanding the inherent possibilities, priorities and challenges of working for governments in the diplomatic corps. They will learn about the ways states understand and assert their global relationships and priorities, the increasingly important role played by official development assistance (ODA) in doing so, and the role of international organizations, states, and other stakeholders involved in implementing and responding to global political and economic pressures.

Students graduating in this graduate focus have gone on to a wide range of careers, including working for the U.S. Department of State or other foreign ministries; working in international development organizations; as policymakers and public advocacy practitioners; working in non-governmental organizations or public service; and working on legal issues.