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Faculty Funding Opportunities


Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program Development Grant

Grant Applications Deadline: November 1, 2016

Grant Description. GEO (Global Education Oregon) will award modest grants to support international travel for the purpose of developing new, faculty-led study abroad programs. Grants can help fund a visit to a single site or to multiple sites within one country or world region. Proposed activities may occur during the 2017 calendar year.

Grant amounts. Grant amounts will range up to $3,000 per award. Grant applicants are expected to submit a trip itinerary and budget, as described below.

Eligibility. UO Tenure line faculty and career NTTF are eligible to apply.

Faculty from GEO’s institutional partners are also eligible and encouraged to apply. Submissions from partner campuses will only be considered for the following GEO center locations: Rosario, Argentina; Angers, France; Accra, Ghana; Athens, Greece; Siena, Italy; Querétaro, Mexico; Fes, Morocco; Oviedo, Spain; Segovia, Spain; London, UK. To be eligible, the partner faculty’s home campus must sponsor the proposed GEO program site as an approved study abroad program.

Prospective applicants with specific questions about eligibility should contact Michael Price, GEO Program Coordinator, at

Qualifying expenses. Qualifying expenses include: round-trip travel costs (airfare and ground transportation); appropriate per diem up to but not exceeding published rates (see; on-the-ground costs related directly to programmatic research (e.g., admissions to cultural or historic sites under review for the program proposal); and reasonable travel costs within the region and related to possible program activities.

Priorities. There are several priorities for funding to be dispersed through this grant program, as described below. These priorities are given in no particular order; and, applicants who are otherwise eligible, but whose proposals do not comply with any of these priorities, may still apply.

  • Applicants intending to work with GEO sites abroad.
  • Applications that document matching funds from the applicant’s home department, personal research fund, or other source. Matching funds from the home department and/or college or school are particularly sought as a demonstration of departmental/college or school support for the development of the program to be proposed.
  • Applications leading to proposals that will significantly increase the accessibility of studying abroad for students, with particular emphasis on students of limited economic means (i.e., lower-cost programs) and students in underrepresented populations (e.g., students of color, students with disabilities, students in STEM majors).

Application instructions: There is no application form for this grant program. Instead, applicants must submit the items listed below by Tuesday, November 1, 2016. Submissions will be accepted by email only. Please send them, with all attachments included in one single email with the subject line “FACULTY-LED DEVELOPMENT GRANT APPLICATION,” to the attention of Michael Price ( The items to submit include:

  • Grant application letter. The grant application letter should describe your background and qualifications, and the program you intend to propose.
    • Please identify yourself and your academic unit or department. Describe your employment history at your university or college (e.g., assistant professor, 2007 to present). Describe your academic background and areas of specialization. Please also describe your qualifications to serve as faculty-led program leader.
    • Please briefly describe the program you intend to propose. General information is useful here: term and approximate dates of proposed program; topic/theme; total credits; course goals; target student population and recruitment potential; etc.
    • Please specify the amount of funding requested and identify all matching funds and the amounts that will be matched. Where appropriate, please include a letter of support from a Dean, department head, or other official.
  • Statement of support for the proposed activity from relevant department head or program director.
  • Proposed itinerary. Please describe the tentative itinerary of the proposed travel. We understand that you may not have made definitive travel arrangements, but please describe what you intend to do. A brief summary of your intended activities will suffice.
  • Budget. Please include a brief budget for the proposed travel. The only expenses that you need to document are those listed under “Qualifying expenses” above. Please exclude costs for other travel objectives that may be pursued during the same trip (e.g., academic research, attending a conference, personal travel, etc.), including the proportionate amount of round-trip travel costs (pro-rated by days spent on each activity) related to those objectives. Please itemize your budget, using the cost categories given above, and provide a projected total. At the bottom of the budget, please identify your proposed sources of funding, including the amount requested under this grant program, other amounts requested or secured, and any other sources.

Grant decisions and procedures. A GEO committee will make award decisions. We expect that final decisions on funding will be made by January 16, 2017. Faculty will be responsible for making their own travel arrangements, documenting expenses, and submitting receipts. Grantees are expected to submit either a completed proposal for a new Faculty-Led Program or a brief, narrative report on the outcome of the proposed travel within two months of return from the trip.



From: Ellen Laing <>

Subject: cas-heads: Announcing the new CAS International Research Travel Grants

Date: September 16, 2016 at 1:45:19 PM PDT

To: “‘'” <>, “‘'” <>


Dear CAS Colleagues,

I am pleased to let you know that we have created international research travel matching grants for tenure-track faculty in response to the increasing need of faculty in many fields to travel internationally for their research and scholarship.  This new research support will be available beginning in fall 2016.  We will accept applications on the third Friday of each AY quarter, and faculty will submit their applications on an online form.  Log into CASweb to access the form:

The first deadline will be Friday, October 14.  Below is a description of the travel grants.  We encourage TTF engaged in international research to apply, and we look forward to supporting your scholarship.

Matching Support for International Research Travel Grants for TTF

Requests for matching support of up to $1,000 for international research travel from tenure-track faculty will be considered by the Dean in the context of the following elements:

  1. Access to required research materials or locations: priority will be given to applicants whose research requires fieldwork or access to materials or locations outside of the United States
  2. The CAS International Research Travel support program does not fund conference travel
  3. CAS will support only one trip per calendar year
  4. Applicants must match the requested amount from CAS through department or individual research funds.

Applications will be accepted each quarter (fall, winter, spring); the application process will parallel the CAS Program Grants: online submission of application and budget, with department head’s endorsement, due the third Friday of each quarter.

Applicants who are awarded international travel support from CAS will have priority in the application process for international travel research support from the Vice Provost for International Affairs.  See for the Global Oregon Faculty Research Travel Funds program, which supports research projects and travel in three areas: Global Sustainability, Global Ethics and Human Rights, and Global Engagement.


Karen Ford
Senior Associate Dean
Associate Dean for Humanities
College of Arts and Sciences
University of Oregon


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