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Spring 2020 Commencement

The Department of International (Global) Studies will be offering two opportunities for the class of 2020 to celebrate their accomplishments with friends and family—one this spring and another at our in-person celebration next year.

The University will be holding a virtual ceremony on June 20, 2020. The live webcast will be followed by the release of pre-recorded recognition of graduates in International Studies. Students will have an opportunity to personalize their individual recognition by adding a photo, message, and short video.

Students can find more details on the UO Commencement website, including information on how to order regalia, how to participate in this year’s virtual ceremony by personalizing their individual student slide, and many other details:

We’re excited to celebrate with our 2020 Graduates in June 2020, but we also recognize that a virtual celebration is not how students pictured closing out their time at the University of Oregon. Thus, our 2020 Graduates and their families are also invited to our in-person commencement celebration in June 2021.

We hope you will tune in to the University ceremony, the Department ceremony, and then celebrate yourself and your fellow graduates.

UPDATE: The Spring 2020 International Studies Department Commencement Ceremony can now be viewed online:

You can download a program for the departmental ceremony here.

To view and download your personalized slide please visit the Stage Clip website.

The ceremony includes messages from Director of Graduate Studies Dr. Stephen Wooten, Master’s Candidate Student Speaker Michelle Nikfarjam, congratulatory remarks from Dr. Anita Weiss and Dr. Galen Martin, and messages from the Director of Undergraduate Studies Dr. Lesley Jo Weaver, and the Department Head Kathie Carpenter.

For an additional congratulatory remark from Dr. Derrick Hindery, please see below.