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Announcing the winners of the 2019 International Studies Undergraduate Research Forum Awards–Congratulations!

Gabby Farland and Rachel McGill with their INTL faculty advisor Kristin Yarris

Outstanding Papers

  • Laurelei Singsank, “From Massacre to Genocide: Redefining the Sook Ching”
    Fac. Adviser: Tuang Vu
  • Gabriella Farland, “Morningside Hospital: A Historical Case Study for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Depression in Mid-Century American Psychology”
    Fac. Advisers: Kristin Yarris, Mary Wood
  • Rachel McGill, “Analyzing Treatment of Schizophrenic Patients within Morningside Hospital form 1955-1958
    Fac. Adviser: Kristin Yarris
  • Ana Garabay Mares, “Belt and Road Initiative: The Sino-Samoa Pact
    Fac. Advisers: Yvonne Brown, Yizhao Yang

Honorable Mention

  • Cassidy Kenney, Meredith Gusky, Rhiannon Newhouse, Emily Hunt, Heloise Gayet, Group Presentation “Investigating Human Rights and Peace in the Western Balkans”