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Graduate Coordinator Update – Hope Marston

Hope Marston works as the Graduate Coordinator for three OCIAS programs – Asian Studies, International Studies and Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies. She is grateful for the opportunity each fall to meet a new group of graduate students, and to be a part of facilitating each journey through a 2-year graduate program. She enjoys staying in touch with many graduate students post-graduation – watching the arcs of their careers, family additions, and creative pursuits – all part of this job’s rewards. There are also tears, as earlier this year when the son of one of our former graduate students died suddenly, and a large community in Eugene grieved together. All our connections bring us a sense of community that continues to enrich each person in our ever enlarging circle. Hope enjoys gardening activities – rotating crops, planting crimson clover in fall, and exchanging the grass in her yard for clover. Some of her spring/summer crops are tomatoes, red bell peppers, sweet Italia peppers, corn, squash, beans, basil, peas, artichokes, leeks, lettuces, and carrots. She also enjoys contra dancing, hiking with friends, playing piano, writing, and hanging out with her 3 ½ year old granddaughter.