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Faculty Update – Stephen Wooten

Food remains central to Stephen Wooten’s research, teaching and service. This academic year, he has been hard at work on his new book project: “Cooking Culture on the West African Savanna.” In March he presented part of that study at a history of food and drink symposium in Cairo, Egypt. During the conference, he had the chance to experience the rich food culture of the region and take some cool snaps along the way. In May he participated in a national conference in Washington, DC on the Food-Energy-Water Nexus, an emerging focal point for international, interdisciplinary research and education. Stephen’s presentation “Teaching and Learning Through Food” highlighted the innovative academic aspects of the UO Food Studies Program. In fall 2017 he taught “Introduction to Food Studies” to 145 students – a new record for this globally engaged interdisciplinary course. Stephen continues to direct the university’s growing Food Studies Program, which now has over 60 minors and 10 graduate specialists. Along with Galen Martin he is developing a new professional concentration in Food Studies for INTL majors and graduate students. In June, Stephen will lead another group of UO students on his successful summer Greek Food & Culture Program. Throughout this academic year, Stephen was involved in a university-wide teaching workshop designed to improve undergraduate instruction on Difference, Inequality and Agency. For his efforts in this realm he was recently appointed as a member of the Provost’s Teaching Academy. This summer Stephen and Analisa Taylor (Romance Languages) will be working with Jesse Nichols – co-owner of Stoneboat Farm near Portland and 2007 INTL BA alum – to develop an experiential learning program focusing on organic farming and Spanish language training. In the fall, Stephen will return to service as the Director of Graduate Studies in International Studies, a position he enjoyed a great deal in years past.


Market in Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt

Mmm, fresh bread! Cairo, Egypt

Group photo at Temple of Poseidon; Greece

Group study abroad photo; Greece