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Philippe Lazaro, M.A. – Fall 2016

Philippe Lazaro, M.A. 2016, begins work as a Marketing Specialist for Plant With Purpose, an NGO in San Diego whose purpose is to “transform the lives of the global poor.” Philippe graduated with a dual degree in International Studies and Nonprofit Management in fall 2016. His thesis is titled: “Institutionalized Child Care in Urban South Africa.” Philippe entered the International Studies M.A. program with a Promising Scholar Award, which afforded him 1 year of tuition-free graduate study, with a living stipend and health benefits. in 2015, he did an internship with Mobility International (MIUSA), which provided him with firsthand experience with an organization committed to mobility/disability issues. He took courses on African entrepreneurship, and also studied Hindi-Urdu. Philippe is looking forward to his new job, which provides internships in Latin America, Thailand and Africa.