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Undergraduate Program

The interdisciplinary bachelor of arts degree offers students a rigorous education in the basic elements of the field. The program provides a sound general education for the student interested in the complex interrelationships (political, economic, social, and cultural) that exist among nations in the interdependent modern world.



Faculty Advisor:  The role of the faculty advisor as mentor is central to the program. Students interested in applying to the program should suggest a faculty member with whom they have a common area of interest to act as their advisor and mentor, typically one of the committee members named above or a faculty member from the student’s concentration areas.

Undergraduate Advisors: Every term, two INTL Graduate Students serve as Advisors to undergradaute INTL majors and UO students considering applying for the INTL major program. The Undergraduate Advisors are able to provide advising about the International Studies Undergraduate Program. They can assist with student questions about specific INTL major requirements, the application process, clearance for graduation, and general UO requirements for INTL majors.

IS Undergraduate Advisors

Please visit us in person to receive the best advising possible

Office Location 304 PLC

Drop In Hours for

Spring 2017


10:00am – 1:30pm; 3:00pm – 5:00pm


10:00am – 1:30pm


9:00am – 11:30am (Appointments given priority 4:00pm – 6:00pm)


10:00am – 11:00am (Appointments given priority 11:00am – 1:00pm)


(Appointments only from 12:30pm – 1:30pm) 3:00pm – 5:00pm


Starting this term, we are setting a few hours aside each week for appointments. Please contact Kaley McCarty at or 541.346.5051, or the advisors at

If the Advisors are not in, please email:


 Are you an INTL Major currently abroad and needing advising?

You can email the advisors at
Please provide your first and last name, and your student ID when emailing advisors.

Please use email only if you are abroad and can NOT drop-in for advising. Advisors prioritize face-to-face advising.



Beginning Fall 2015, all students who want to major in international studies must first declare and complete the requirements for the Pre-International Studies Major (PINS). Please visit here for more information about the pre major or stop by 175 PLC to declare the pre-major.

INTL Pre-Major Requirements click here to download the PINS requirement form

  • Introductory Course INTL 101
  • 2 courses from Block A (INTL 199*, 240, 250, 260, 280)
  • Second language sequence started or equivalency demonstrated
  • Have completed at least 2 terms at the UO
  • UO Writing Requirement completed or equivalency demonstrated (WR 121 and either WR 122 or 123)
  • UO GPA of 3.0 or better

*INTL 199 with the course title Globalization & the Global Economy is a Block A option

Once the Pre-Major requirements have been met, students may apply to the INTL major, officially. The deadline for applications is always the 4th Monday of Fall, Winter and Spring Terms. Applications are not accepted during Summer Term. Applications may be picked up in the INTL office 175 PLC, or downloaded using the links below.

Premajor advising and help with application procedures are available at the INTL undergraduate advising office. New major applicants must meet with an International Studies undergraduate advisor to confirm completion of PINS requirements and review the INTL major application before submitting it for consideration.

Application materials include:

all of which can be downloaded as PDFs.


Major Requirements

The major consists of work in three core blocks: international core foundation, regional cultures and area studies, and professional concentration area. A minimum of 52 credits, 24 of which must be upper division, are required in these blocks. Courses must be passed with grades of C- or better to satisfy the major requirements. In addition, three years of a second language or the equivalent is required.

The major may include courses from a number of departments. The minimum requirement is 16 credits in each block, plus the 4-credit preliminary course. All courses taken for the major, with the exception of the language requirement and up to 8 credits in INTL 406 or 409, must be graded.

A maximum of 12 credits in courses taken to fulfill the university group requirements may be applied toward the International Studies major.

A maximum of 20 credits in courses taken in a single department (with the exception of International Studies) may be applied toward the International Studies major, exclusive of the language requirement.


Preparatory Course: INTL 101

 Students are required to complete Introduction to International Issues (INTL 101) as part of the major and pre-major.  We recommend that students take this course as early as possible in their course of study, ideally before the Block A courses.


Block A: International Studies Core

Four courses are required from among these five options:

INTL 199, Globalization and the Global Economy

INTL 240, Perspectives on International Development*

INTL 250, Value Systems in Cross-Cultural Perspective

INTL 260, Culture, Capital, and Globalization

INTL 280, Global Environmental Issues

*Please note this course serves as a pre-requisite to many upper-divison INTL courses, including those required for various Professional Concentration Areas.


Block B: Professional Concentration Area (PCA)

Students select one of fourteen professional concentration areas. The student’s faculty advisor/ mentor should, ideally, be someone with a specialization in this area as well. Each PCA has courses that are required within each area, as well as as list of electives that can be selected from to fulfill the remaining credits needed for the Block B requirement. The lists of electives are not comprehensive, and list courses which teach material relevant to the professional concentration. If students find other courses which may be appropriate electives in a given professional concentration area, please consult with ISP undergraduate advisor for approval.

Students may design their own professional concentration area if none of the predefined areas fits the student’s professional goals. Students who choose this option must designate one of the core faculty members of the Department of International Studies as an advisor and work with that individual in designing the concentration. Self-designed concentrations must be approved by the Undergraduate Studies Director.


Block C: Geographical Focus (GF)

This block pertains to groups of nations that share common cultural, historical, geographic, and linguistic experiences. In satisfying the Block C requirement, students concentrate on one cultural area.

The areas of focus that INTL majors may select from include Africa, East & Southeast Asia, Southeast Asia & Pacific Islands, South Asia, Middle East, Latin America & Caribbean, Europe, and North America*.

Courses for the Block C must total a minimum of 16.0 credits, and must include one required INTL-prefix course assigned to that specific region. All other courses applied toward Block C must be upper-division and have significant course content on the region of study. A list of approved courses can be found here. To satisfy the language requirement for the major, students should choose one that is relevant to their regional specialization. Students may apply only one (1) term of a 3rd year language to their Block C requirement.

*The North America option is only available to international students

Language Requirement

To satisfy this requirement, students must achieve proficiency in a second language at a level associated with three full years of study (at least 12-15 credits, depending on language). Proficiency in the language is most often demonstrated by passing three terms of a 300-level language sequence with grades of C- or better.

An additional option to meeting the language requirement for the major is known as the 2+2 option. Students may reach second year proficiency in any of the following commonly-taught languages (as defined by the INTL department) Spanish, French, German or Italian, as well as any other language not listed above, for two full years. This is a great option for students who enter the UO with prior language skills but may be interested in studying alternative languages as an INTL major.

Ideally, the language chosen for study is a prominent language in the selected geographic focus area, in addition to the location selected for the international experience requirement.


International Experience

INTL Internship Contract

Majors are required to have have a significant international experience in a geographic area that coincides with their Block C Geographic Focus. This is usually satisfied by at least one term (a minimum of ten weeks) of study or work in another country.  When students are not formally enrolled in for-credit coursework, they will need to write a paper according to the guidelines on the Internship Agreement Form.

For information about study abroad, see Study Abroad Program. Advice is available from International Affairs, 330 Oregon Hall.

Students may receive passing (P) credit for work done as interns. Interested students should inquire with the Undergraduate Advisors, faculty advisors, or the IE3 Global Internships Program.


Honors Thesis

Students who have a grade point average (GPA) of 3.50 or higher and want to graduate with program honors are required to write a thirty- to fifty-page thesis. An advisor must be selected and a proposal approved by the program faculty two terms prior to graduation. Students may apply up to 4 Thesis (403) credits toward the appropriate block of the 52 credits required for the international studies major. Download the Thesis Guidelines  and Thesis Timeline forms here.


Scholarship Opportunities

The Department of International Studies is fortunate to offer several scholarship opportunities for declared INTL undergraduate majors. These awards are offered to help offset the costs associated with either the International Experience or completing an undergraduate degree in International Studies. These opportunities are advertised to students through emails and postings within the department. Please stop by the INTL office in 175 PLC for more information about the awards offered and how to apply. In addition, the Study Abroad program offers several scholarship resources and opportunities which students may consider for additional financial support. More information can be found here.

From time to time, small amounts of money may be available to support student travel to conferences, or to cover the cost of supplies if students are presenting papers or posters.  Please contact the Undergraduate Coordinator in 175 PLC for more information.


Transfer Students and Transfer Credits

Transfer students still need to declare the Pre-Major (PINS) and complete the requirements before applying to the INTL major. As a rule, Block A courses must be completed at the UO, and cannot be fulfilled with transfer coursework. Students may not transfer lower division requirements from other institutions toward the INTL major requirements.

Transfer students may set up an appointment with the Undergraduate Program Director in International Studies to discuss their coursework from a previous institution and if any courses may transfer and apply toward the INTL major or PINS pre-major requirements. Please contact the Undergraduate Coordinator in 175 PLC to set up a meeting with the Undergraduate Studies Director.