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As of Fall 2014, The INTL Pre-Major (PINS) option was approved by the College of Arts and Sciences, and is now in effect.

The undergraduate program in the Department of International Studies now allows students to declare International Studies as a pre-major at any time: prior to starting at  the University of Oregon, the first term at the University of Oregon, and at any point  afterwards.

Beginning Fall 2015, all students must complete the INTL Pre-Major requirements before applying to the INTL major.

INTL Pre-Major Requirements-

  • INTL 101
  • Two courses from Block A (INTL 199*, 240, 250, 260 and 280)
  • Second language sequence started or equivalency demonstrated
  • Completed the UO writing requirement (WR 121 and 122 or 123) or equivalency demonstrated
  • Cumulative UO GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Having completed at least 2 terms at the UO
*Only INTL 199 Globalization & the Global Economy, or an approved substitute, may count as a Block A course option with this course number.

Download the PINS requirement checklist here

Pre-Major Advising-

The International Studies undergraduate advisors offer drop-in office hours in 304 PLC every day during weeks 1-10 of Fall, Winter and Spring Terms. Office hours are posted online, in 175 PLC and throughout the departmental offices located on the first and third floors of PLC. Pre-majors are strongly encouraged to stop by 304 PLC to receive assistance with applications, ask questions about the program, or check on their academic progress and completion of pre-major requirements.

List Serv for Pre-Majors

Once a student adds the INTL Pre-Major, their uoregon email address will be added to the INTL undergrad list serv, which is used for sharing important departmental information and posts that may be of interest to our undergraduate pre-majors and majors. Changes to office hours, scholarship opportunities, internship opportunities, and graduation information are examples of messages shared on the list serv.