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Language Requirement

International Studies students have two options for completing the language component of the major.

Three Years of a Language

The most common is for students to show third-year, third-term proficiency in a language that coincides with their geographic focus. Since this is a proficiency requirement, students are not required to take courses if they can meet the requirement through other means. If students choose to take language classes to fulfill the requirement they must complete three terms of at least 300-level courses.

“2+2” Option

Students may also fulfill the language requirement by taking two years of a language, and two years of a less-commonly-taught language. This option has been developed to encourage students to explore less-commonly-taught languages. As such, only one of the two languages can be French, Spanish, German, or Italian (not both!). Proficiency for the 2+2 option can be fulfilled either through coursework or taking a placement exam.

Need help deciding on which path to take? Speak with a Global Connections advisor to further explore your options for this requirement. You can also review this helpful article titles “Seven hundred reasons for studying langauges” to help aid your final language pathway!