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Honors Thesis

Students who have a grade point average (GPA) of 3.50 or higher and want to graduate with program honors are required to write a thirty- to fifty-page thesis. An advisor must be selected and a proposal approved by the program faculty two terms prior to graduation. Students are encouraged to write their theses in a language other than English; please contact Kathie Carpenter for details. Students may apply up to 4 Thesis (403) credits toward the appropriate block of the 52 credits required for the international studies major. 

The completed thesis must be awarded a grade of mid-B or better by the advisor (P, or pass, for a Clark Honors College thesis) and be approved as meeting thesis guidelines by the director of the program. This includes addressing an international or cross-cultural topic and using second-language sources for all projects, including the honors college thesis.

The honors thesis packet includes the following:

*Make sure to have both your faculty thesis supervisor and the INTL Director of Undergraduate Studies sign your thesis paperwork before submitting to the Undergraduate Coordinator.

Completing the above paperwork DOES NOT register you for credits. If you wish to register for INTL Thesis credits or any other Individualized Study Credits, please complete the attached OCIAS Individualized Study Credit Registration form with your faculty supervisor. 

Examples of past undergraduate honors theses:

The Psychology of Palestinian Suicide Bombers Zachary Moss 2017

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: An Ethnographic Study on Conflict Perception and Its Implications for Peace in the Middle East Colin McClellan 2015

Late Registration: Problems Affecting the Access to Education for Syrian Refugees in Amman, Jordan Kelly Kirk 2014

One Country, Two Cultures: The Invisible Boundary Between Hong Kong and Mainland China Pricilla Cheung 2013

China’s Magazine Advertisements: Tactics and Effects on Women Alexandra Rosenberg 2013

The English Language: Exploring its Educational, Economic, and Social Market Value in New Delhi Andrea Asai 2013

An Environmental Anthropology: The Effects of the Yacyretá Dam on Communities in Misiones, Argentina in Comparison to the Economic and Environmental Well-being of the Pilcomayo River Basin Megan Brogan 2012

Inclusive Education in India: A Country in Transition Angela Kohama 2012

Global Jihad: Al‐Qaeda and Its Implications for the Global System John Adamson 2011