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Media, Journalism & Communications

PCA Description

This concentration area recognizes the significance and power of media, journalism and communication in framing and understanding global issues and concerns. Students pursuing this concentration will examine how traditional and emerging forms and mechanisms of reporting and documentation view, represent and influence international events and processes. By examining the dynamics, practices and influence of longstanding approaches such as print media and new forms of social media and networking students will develop an appreciation for the practical and theoretical significance of media, journalism and communication. Courses in this concentration will generally be found in the School of Journalism and Communication, the Departments of Folklore and English. Upon completion of this concentration graduates will be well positioned for work in internationally oriented reporting, in cross-culturally sensitive communications contexts and for graduate work in global media studies or international journalism.




J 396                 International Communications (pre-req: J 201)


And one of the following two:

INTL 431         Cross‑cultural Communication

INTL 434         Language Issues in International Studies


Electives: Any of the above, or

COLT 450        Cinematic Representations: Comparative Film Imperialisms

INTL 345         Africa Today

INTL 431         Cross-Cultural Communication

INTL 442         South Asia: Development and Social Change

INTL 444         Development and Social Change in Southeast Asia

INTL 445         Development and Social Change in Sub-Saharan Africa

INTL 446         Development & Social Change in Latin America

J 350                 Principles of Public Relations

MKTG 420        Marketing Communications

(pre-reqs: BA 101 & BA 317, or MKTG 311 for ISP and Business double majors)

PPPM 327       Global Leadership and Change

SOC 317          Sociology of the Mass Media