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International Tourism

PCA Description

Tourism accounts for nearly 1/3 of the global services economy.  International tourism is the primary source of income for numerous countries in both industrialized and emerging economies.  Increased mobility of the world’s people parallels other aspects of globalization in the 21st century.  International travel brings increasing numbers of hosts and guests into contact, presenting an important array of opportunities and challenges.  This professional focus helps prepare students for engagement in these activities as more informed and culturally sensitive participants.  The courses consider the cultural, economic and environmental impacts of tourism related activities.  Specific topics include globalization, characteristics of guest/host relationships, tourism and international development, culture as a commodity, and critiques of mass tourism.  The latter includes examination of the ethics and practices of alternative tourism sectors such as eco-tourism, adventure tourism, homestays, agro-tourism, heritage travel, and medical tourism.




GEOG 441       Political Geography

INTL 431         Cross-Cultural Communication



BA 317*           Marketing: Value for the Customer (requires BA 101 as a pre-req)

                        (*BA 317 can be applied as an elective for this PCA only, in lieu of MKTG 311)

GEOG 342       Geography of the World Economy

GEOG 465       Environment and Development

INTL 420          International Community Development *Requires INTL 240 as a pre-requisite.

INTL 421          Gender and International Development *Requires INTL 240 as a pre-requisite.

INTL 422          Aid to Developing Countries *Requires INTL 240 as a pre-requisite.

INTL 431          Cross-cultural Communication

MKTG 311*      Marketing Management

                        (*only available for registration if students are double-majoring in BADM or ACCT)

MKTG 470       International Marketing

PPPM 327       Global Leadership and Change

PPPM 410       International Tourism or HDEV 410 International Tourism

PPPM 410        Sustainable Eco‑tourism or HDEV 410 Sustainable Eco‑tourism

PPPM 422       Grant Proposal Writing

PPPM 480      Managing Non‑Profit Organizations *Requires PPPM 280 as a pre-requisite

PS 477             International Environmental Politics

SOC 304          Community, Environment and Society

SOC 420          Political Economy