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International Gender Issues

PCA Description

The lens of gender provides crucial insights into the problems confronting the world today as well as to their solutions. This concentration prepares students to critically examine issues of women and gender in differing cultural contexts, as well as their complex intersections with race, class, ethnicity, and sexual identity, providing a rich, interdisciplinary focus to questions of gender and inequality. Courses will cover a range of contested topics including globalization, work, economic re-structuring, human rights, environmental issues and justice, resource rights, empowerment, and grassroots organizing, and how these relate to questions of development in gendered ways. Students graduating with this concentration will have a foundation valuable for a wide range of experiences and careers, including: policy, advocacy, or social work; international development; working in non-governmental organizations or public service; working within diverse populations; and pursuing further education in a graduate program.



INTL 421         Gender and International Development *Requires INTL 240 as a pre-requisite.

INTL 433         Childhood in Cross-Cultural Perspective



ANTH 314       Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective

ANTH 315       Gender, Folklore, Inequality

GEOG 410       Gender & Geography

INTL 407         Women’s Movements around the World

INTL 465         Global Reproductive Health

PPPM 327       Global Leadership and Change

PS 348             Women and Politics

SOC 355          Sociology of Women

SOC 455          Issues in Sociology of Gender

SOC 456          Feminist Theory

WGS 315         History & Development of Feminist Theory

WGS 410         Muslim Women and Identity

WGS 432        Gender, Environment and Development