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International Environment

PCA Description

Human activities have profoundly affected our environment, causing unprecedented climate change, loss of biological diversity, and contamination of air, land and water. In turn, many of these impacts harm human health, undermine local livelihoods and disrupt our political and economic systems. This professional concentration area will prepare students to critically examine root causes of, and solutions to so-called “environmental problems” at local, regional, national, and global scales, across different demographic groups (e.g. ethnicity, class, gender). Competing approaches to understanding and solving global environmental issues will be explored with a focus on linking human rights and environment through the frameworks of environmental justice and political ecology. Specific topics include climate change, resource consumption, population, conventional agriculture versus agroecology, deforestation, ocean resources, fossil fuels, alternative energy, mining, water conservation and conflict, greening the economy, green building and ecotourism.



INTL 420         International Community Development *Requires INTL 240 as a pre-requisite.


Electives (choose 3 of the following):

EC 333             Resource and Environmental Economic Issues

ENVS 435        Environmental Justice

ENVS 450        Political Ecology

GEOG 430       Long‑Term Environmental Change

GEOG 461       Environmental Alterations

GEOG 463       Geography, Law and the Environment

GEOG 465       Environment & Development

INTL 422         Aid to Developing Countries *Requires INTL 240 as a pre-requisite.

INTL 432         Indigenous Cultural Survival

PPPM 327       Global Leadership and Change

PPPM 443        Natural Resource Policy

PS 477              International Environmental Politics