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International Economics

PCA Description

Over the past few decades the global economy has become increasingly integrated, characterized by liberalization of trade and capital as well as sourcing of labor and natural resources from foreign markets. This process of economic globalization has led to profound changes in individuals, societies and landscapes throughout the world. Students who choose this professional concentration area will learn how globalization intersects with gender, identity, public policy, human mobility, nature/society relations and cultural adaptation to global change. Graduates will be well-poised to pursue careers that help build a just and sustainable economy.




ECON 201 & 202 are pre-requisites for all 300-level Economics courses
ECON 311, 313, & 320 are pre-requisites or all 400-level Economics courses

Choose 2 of the following 4 courses:

EC 480             International Finance

EC 481             International Trade

EC 490             Economic Growth and Development

EC 491             Issues in Economic Growth and Development


Electives: Any of the above, or

EC 360             Issues in Industrial Organization

EC 380             International Economic Issues (only if taken prior to EC 480, 481 & 490)

EC 421             Intro Econometrics

EC 440             Public Economics

EC 461             Industrial Organization and Public Policy

EC 490             Economic Growth/Development

EC 491             Issues in Economic Growth/Development

GEOG 342       Geography of Globalization

INTL 422         Aid to Developing Countries *Requires INTL 240 as a pre-requisite.

PPPM 327       Global Leadership and Change