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Global Health & Development

PCA Description

Students gain an understanding of contemporary global health challenges, the relationship between distributions of health and economic development both within and between nations, and the role of national and international institutions and non-governmental organizations in responding to health problems. Students will be introduced to foundational concepts from social epidemiology, public health, and medical anthropology and to both quantitative and qualitative methodological approaches in global health research. Coursework will expose students to case studies in global health issues, including communicable and non-communicable diseases, mental health, and reproductive health and cross-cultural variations in illness and healing systems.




INTL 340 Global Health & Development


Electives (12 credits/3 of the following courses):

AFR 410 Global Disease Eradication

ANTH 420 Culture, Illness, and Healing * pre-req ANTH 161 or 260

ANTH 460 Nutritional Anthropology * pre-req ANTH 270

ANTH 465 Gender Issues in Nutritional Anthropology * pre-req ANTH 365

ANTH 474 Human Paleopathology *pre-req ANTH 270

BI 309 Tropical Diseases in Africa *pre-req BI 212 or 252

BI 426 Developmental Genetics of Cancer

BI 471 Population Ecology *pre-req Math 247 or 252

GEO 341 Population and Environment

HIST 410 Health/Disease in Africa

INTL 410 Exp Mental Health

INTL 420 International Community Development *pre-req INTL 240

INTL 422 Aid to Developing Countries *pre-req INTL 240

INTL 463 Population Displacement & Global Health

INTL 465 Global Reproductive Health

PSY 366 Culture and Mental Health

SOC 399 Sp St Health & Medicine