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Culture, Art & Development

PCA Description

People around the world use various forms of expressive culture or art to make sense of, reflect on and even influence their experiences. This is true in relatively wealthy and stable social contexts as well as challenging and changing situations. This concentration area recognizes the importance and value of studying creative expressions — ranging from the visual to oral, from the sculptural to the poetic and textual — in order to learn about peoples’ negotiations of social, economic, political, and environmental challenges and opportunities. This analytical and interpretive lens accents the more traditional frame of reference associated with the social science perspective in International Studies and thus helps round out students’ appreciation for a holistic understanding of global experiences and processes. Courses for this concentration area will generally be found in the departments in the humanities, as well arts and allied architecture. Some offerings may also be found in anthropology. Graduates with this concentration would be well positioned for work with governmental and non-governmental organizations that focus on the arts or on use of the arts in development or social advocacy settings. Other trajectories might include graduate work in globally oriented fields in the social sciences or humanities or MFA programs in arts and literature.

Please contact Undergraduate Advisors in PLC 304 for more information


Required (Choose one of the following):

INTL 448         Bollywood’s Lens on Indian Society

INTL 407         Sem Culture & Dev


Electives: Three of the following courses:

AAAP 411        Introduction to Historic Preservation

AAD 251          The Arts and Visual Literacy

AAD 450          Art in Society

ANTH 419       Anthropology and Folklore

ANTH 449       Cultural Resource Management

ARH 300         Critical Approaches to Art Historical Study

DAN 301         Dance and Folk Culture

FLR 411          Folklore and Religion

FLR 413          Folk Art and Material Culture

FLR485           Film and Folklore

INTL 431         Cross‑Cultural Communication

INTL 434         Language Issues in International Studies

J 396              International Communication

MUS 451          Introduction to Ethnomusicology

MUS 452         Musical Instruments of the World

PPPM 327       Global Leadership and Change

PPPM 480        Managing Nonprofit Organizations *Requires PPPM 280 as a pre-requisite

PS 301             Art and the State

TA 472             Multicultural Theater