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Cross‑cultural Communication & Education

PCA Description

Intercultural sensitivity and communication skills are needed in all workplaces today, and in this concentration, students will develop both skills and insights needed by professionals working in multicultural and international settings, emphasizing that values clarification and self-awareness are also central to inter-cultural understanding. We view education broadly to encompass any setting or interaction where learning takes place, and so this concentration addresses formal and non-formal education, intercultural training and awareness-raising, as well as sharing of skills in the context of development praxis or refugee and immigration orientation and support, at the policy as well as at the interpersonal level. Students graduating with this concentration will have a grounding valuable for a career in any field featuring a diverse workplace, especially in formal and non-formal education and intercultural sensitivity and training. This concentration also offers a good foundation for students who plan to pursue a graduate program leading to licensure and a career in classroom teaching.

Required — both of the following courses:          

INTL 431        Cross‑cultural Communication

INTL 433        Childhood in Cross-Cultural Perspective

Electives– choose two of the following courses:

GEOG 343      Society, Culture, and Place

GEOG 441      Political Geography

GEOG 445      Culture, Ethnicity and Nationalism

INTL 370        International Human Rights

INTL 421        Gender and International Development *Requires INTL 240 as a pre-requisite.

INTL 432        Indigenous Cultural Survival

INTL 434        Language Issues in International Studies

J 396              International Communications

LING 211        Languages of the World

PPPM 327      Global Leadership and Change

PPPM 422      Grant Writing

PPPM 480      Managing Non‑Profit Organizations *Requires PPPM 280 as a pre-requisite

PS 420           International Organizations

SOC 303        World Population and Social Structure

SOC 461        Sociology of Religion