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Participating Faculty

Participating Faculty teach courses and conduct research in other UO departments, addressing international issues in ways that complement the mission of the International Studies Program. Their courses can be especially useful to our students in fulfilling major requirements. Participating faculty can be of help to International Studies students with questions on particular world regions or on themes that require global, transnational, or cross-cultural perspective.

Carlos Aguirre, Dept: History, Latin American Studies; Region: Latin America;

Ina Asim, Dept: History, Asian Studies; Region: China, East Asia; Themes: archaeology, material culture, intellectual history, gender;

Kemi Balogun, Dept: Women & Gender Studies, Sociology; Themes: gender, cultural sociology, race/ethnicity, immigration;

Diane Baxter, Dept: Anthropology, Middle Eastern Studies;

Erin Beck, Dept: Political Science; Region: Central America;

Aletta Biersack, Dept: Anthropology; Region: the Pacific Islands; Themes: gender, mining, historical anthropology, political ecology;

Bruce Blonigen, Dept: Economics;

Lindsay Braun, Dept: History; Region: Africa;

Dan Buck, Dept: Geography, Asian Studies; Region: Asia;

Alfredo Burlando, Dept: Economics; Region: Latin America;

Mark Carey, Dept: Robert D. Clark Honors College; Region: Latin America;

Shankha Chakraborty, Dept: Economics;

Liska Chan, Dept: Landscape Architecture;

Shaul Cohen, Dept: Geography; Region: Middle East; Themes: political, environmental, cultural Geography;

Rick Colby, Dept: Religious Studies; Region: Middle East;

Jane Cramer, Dept: Political Science;

Robert Davis, Dept: Romance Languages; Region: Spain; Themes: Spanish and Romance linguistics, second-language methodology and teaching;

Andre Djiffack, Dept: Romance Languages; Region: Africa; Themes: Francophone literature in Africa, 20th-century French literature, colonial and postcolonial studies;

Maram Epstein, Dept: East Asian Languages & Literature; Region: China;

Michael Fakhri, Dept: LAW;

John Foster, Dept: Sociology; Themes: Imperialism, ecological crisis, environment, Marxism, political economy;

Alisa Freedman, Dept: East Asian Languages & Literature; Region: Japan;

Ibrahim Gassama, Dept: School of Law; Region: Africa; Themes: human rights, foreign policy, and international economic development;

Bryna Goodman, Dept: History, Asian Studies; Region: China;

Sangita Gopal, Dept: English; Region: South Asia;

Jeff Hanes, Dept: History; Region: Japan;

Robert Haskett, Dept: History; Region: Latin America;

Michael Hibbard, Dept: Planning, Public Policy, and Management (PPPM); Themes: sustainable development, healthy economies and healthy ecosystems in rural areas and small towns;

David Hollenberg, Dept: Religious Studies; Region: Middle East;

Zhuo Jing-Schmidt, Dept: East Asian Languages & Literatures, Region: China; Themes: Chinese Linguistics;

Lamia Karim, Dept: Anthropology; Region: South and Southeast Asia Themes: Globalization, gender, development, NGOs, state, Islam, human rights, nationalism, postcolonial theory;

Craig Kauffman, Dept: Political Science; Region: Ecuador;

Karrie Koesel, Dept: Political Science;

Nicolas Larco, Dept: Architecture;

Jeff Magoto, Dept: Yamada Language Center; Themes: Language training;

Gabriela Martinez, Dept: Journalism; Region: Latin America;

Michelle McKinley, Dept: LAW;

Karen McPherson, Dept: Romance Languages; Region: France, francophone world (Quebec, French Caribbean); Themes: modern French and Francophone cultures, gender studies, memory and mourning, autobiography, postcolonial literatures;

Katherine Meehan, Dept: Geography; Region: Mexico;

Ronald Mitchell, Dept: Political Science; Region: International Relations; Themes: international environmental politics, international institutions and organizations;

Alec Murphy, Dept: Geography; Region: Europe; Themes: cultural and political geography, law and geography;

Michael Najjar, Dept: Theatre Arts; Region: Middle East;

Kevin Nute, Dept: Architecture;

Eileen Otis, Dept: Sociology; Region: China;

Craig Parsons, Dept: Political Science; Region: Europe; Themes: comparative politics, regional integration, ideas and institutions;

Doris Payne, Dept: Linguistics; Region: East Africa, South America; Themes: language documentation, language and culture;

Eric Pederson, Dept: Linguistics; Region: India; Themes: cognitive and psycholinguistics, language and culture, South Indian languages;

Phil Scher, Dept: Anthropology; Region: Caribbean; Themes: politics of culture, transnationalism;

Carol Silverman, Department: Anthropology; Region: Balkans (SE Europe);

Lars Skalnes, Dept: Political Science;

Alison Snyder, Dept: Architecture; Themes: Ancient, design, light, ancient and modern sacred space and vernacular structures;

Leslie Steeves, Dept: School of Journalism; Region: Africa; Themes: international communication, third world development communications, women, minorities, and media;

Lynne Stephen, Dept: Anthropology; Region: Latin America; Themes: ethnicity and political economies, gender, U.S. Latinos;

Jeffrey Stolle, Dept: College of Business; Region: East Asia; Themes: business ethics & law, leadership & communication;

Xiaobo Su, Dept: Geography; Region: China;

Surendra Subramani, Dept: Education;

Tuong Vu, Dept: Political Science; Region: Asia; Themes: state formation, political economy of development, rural and agrarian politics, contentious politics, Cold War foreign policy, religion and politics;

Peter Walker, Dept: Geography; Region: Africa; Themes: cultural and political ecology, human-environmental relations,

Janis C Weeks, Dept: Biology; Region: Sub-Sarahan Africa; Themes: neuroscience, parasitic and infectious disease, HIV/AIDS, health care and health practices, mbira and marimba music of Zimbabwe;