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Major Overview

The International Studies major consists of:

  • INTL 101: Introduction to International Studies
  • Block A: International Core Courses
  • Block B: Professional Concentration Area
  • Block C: Geographic Focus
  • 3 years of a second language (or the “2+2” option)
  • An international experience (minimum of 10 weeks)

A minimum of 52 credits, 24 of which must be upper division, are required for the major (this number does not include the credits taken to fulfill language requirement). Courses must be passed with grades of C- or better to satisfy the major requirements.

The major may include courses from a number of departments. The minimum requirement is 16 credits in each block, plus the 4-credit preliminary course (INTL 101). All courses taken for the major, with the exception of the language requirement and up to 8 credits in INTL 406 or 409, must be graded.

A maximum of 12 credits in courses taken to fulfill the university group requirements may be applied toward the International Studies major.

A maximum of 20 credits in courses taken in a single department (with the exception of International Studies) may be applied toward the International Studies major, exclusive of the language requirement.