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Sample Internship Work Products

Nicky Ulrich – 2016

“Drop by drop, to fill the bucket’ is a Cambodian proverb meaning that a little work at a time will eventually lead to bigger accomplishments. I felt this was a particularly appropriate quote for this blog which will be an overview of some development work happening in Southeast Asia.” To read more of Nicky’s blog, click Nicky’s name (above).

Nicole Kessell – 2015

“With the help of the generous fellowship afforded by George and Conni Slape, I had the opportunity to conduct extensive thesis research in Muscat, Oman from June to September 2015. This research is concerned with the social and cultural impacts of labour migration to Muscat on nation-building efforts, focusing on the extent and nature of daily interactions between migrants and nationals as related to identity construction and maintenance.” To read more of Nicole’s account, click on Nicole’s name (above).

Najla Sabri – 2014

“This summer was highly rewarding for me personally and academically. I spent two and a half months in Kabul, my hometown and the capital city of Afghanistan, where I conducted field research focusing on female entrepreneurship. It was a great experience to be in my own city making the familiar unfamiliar; looking at things through the lens of a researcher and learning about gender-related social and cultural practices which I never thought of or had taken for granted.” To read more of Najla’s account, click Najla’s name (above).

Sara Clark – 2013

 “In 2013, I spent 11 weeks in a rural coastal town in the region of Guanacaste, Costa Rica, to complete my master’s thesis international field research. I conducted 31 interviews with host mothers of international students, 9 interviews with school staff, and participated in daily life to better understand the local context.” To read more of Sara’s blog, click Sara’s name (above).

Amy Price – 2013

“With the help of the International Studies Slape Award and a CLLAS (Center for Latino/a Latin American Studies) research grant, I spent the summer of 2013 in Colombia. I explored gendered patterns of labor in the cut flower industry and the impact of the 2012 U.S.-Colombia Free Agreement on workers.” To read more of Amy’s account, click Amy’s name (above).

Tariq Rahman – 2013

“In Winter 2014, I traveled to Pakistan to conduct research for my MA thesis in a gated community in Bhakkar, a rural district in the Punjab province. I first encountered the gated community on a previous trip to Pakistan during Summer 2013, during which I was pursuing my initial interest in agriculture and participatory development.” To read more of Tariq’s account, click on Tariq’s name (above).

Kate Faris – 2012

“I conducted a case study of nine youth workers and two administrators of the local NGO, La Fundación Proyecto de Vida, I saw how a comprehensive approach strengthens youth’s social and personal capacities. This Colombian model of intervention includes workshops that cover areas such as music, visual arts, movement, physical health, and the environment.” To read more of Kate’s account, click on Kate’s name (above).