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Honors Thesis

Students who have a grade point average (GPA) of 3.50 or higher and want to graduate with program honors are required to write a thirty- to fifty-page thesis. An advisor must be selected and a proposal approved by the program faculty two terms prior to graduation. Students are encouraged to write their theses in a language other than English; please contact Kathie Carpenter for details. Students may apply up to 4 Thesis (403) credits toward the appropriate block of the 52 credits required for the international studies major. 

The completed thesis must be awarded a grade of mid-B or better by the advisor (P, or pass, for a Clark Honors College thesis) and be approved as meeting thesis guidelines by the director of the program. This includes addressing an international or cross-cultural topic and using second-language sources for all projects, including the honors college thesis.

The honors thesis packet includes the following:

Examples of past undergraduate honors theses:

The Psychology of Palestinian Suicide Bombers Zachary Moss 2017

An Environmental Anthropology: The Effects of the Yacyretá Dam on Communities in Misiones, Argentina in Comparison to the Economic and Environmental Well-being of the Pilcomayo River Basin Megan Brogan 2012

Inclusive Education in India: A Country in Transition Angela Kohama 2012

Global Jihad: Al‐Qaeda and Its Implications for the Global System John Adamson 2011