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Graduate Student Profiles

International Studies M.A. Student Profiles



Frieda Bikele
Fall 2013-Fall 2016
Advisor: Dennis Galvan

Frieda is from Douala, Cameroon, a coastal city located in Central Africa, north of the Equator and open to the Atlantic Ocean. She is pursuing a master’s degree in international studies, focusing on immigrants’ and refugees’ health care policies. Frieda has previously studied at the University of Douala in Cameroon, where she earned a degree in sociology and communication from the College of Arts and Sciences.

She loves traveling, taking on new adventures, and interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds. Frieda is an outdoors enthusiast (camping, hiking, cycling, running), and she also enjoys gospel music, cooking, and tasting new flavors. She spends time with her friends, whom she considers to be extended family, sharing homemade food and drink.

ian-campbell Ian Campbell
Fall 2015
Advisor: Galen Martin

Ian is a Canadian-American born in Natick, Ma and raised in Calgary, Ab. His dual-citizenship perspective stemming from living and working in two distinctive countries provided the impetus that led to interests in international human rights protections in the Middle East. Along with developmental rearing, Ian’s graduate research interests have been influenced by his undergraduate degree at Florida International University (FIU), where he double majored in psychology and political science focusing on the field of legal psychology. In the fall of 2016, Ian’s undergraduate honors thesis was published in an academic journal, and he is a proud FIU Ronald E. McNair Fellow – member of the 10th cohort.

Since arriving at the University of Oregon in June 2015 as an International Studies graduate student, Ian quickly discovered a passion for international conflict and dispute resolution using the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a model for further analysis. This ultimately led Ian to pursue an internship with the Center for Democracy and Community Development, a peace building nongovernmental organization in East Jerusalem during summer 2016. Through a desire to complement his international studies masters degree, Ian began a second concurrent degree focused on conflict and dispute resolution looking at the discursive narratives embedded within Arab-Israeli society that form the foundation for normative conceptions of Palestinian masculinity rooted within a bipolar system whereby push and pull factors such as occupation, group identity, poverty, unemployment, etc. provide the staging ground for activism and violent extremism.

Kaitlyn Elias
Fall 2016 – Summer 2018
Advisor: Stephen Wooten

I grew up in a small coastal town in Massachusetts. We spent our free time during childhood exploring marshes, collecting mollusks, and getting creative with available resources for play. These local adventures sparked an almost insatiable curiosity, which has influenced my decisions to travel nationally and internationally, hike, ski, cook, and investigate the natural world.

My pursuit of an International Studies master’s degree marks the confluence of many interests. Thus far, education, agriculture, travel, and human development are passions that I’ve pursued separately. With this program I’ve begun to weave a tapestry of interdisciplinary approaches that consider human well-being and the future of the tea industry in South Asia. Fortuitously, I have the opportunity to pursue a focus in Food Studies here are the UO.

Additionally, I hold a position with the UO Office of International Affairs for Global Internships, where I am delighted to share a love for travel and experiential learning.

Brenda Brenda Garcia Millan
Fall 2015- Spring 2018
Advisor: Kristin Yarris

My name is Brenda Garcia Millan and I am originally from Tijuana, Mexico. As an International Graduate student, I am focusing my studies on refugee issues. I am particularly interested in the role of civil society in refugee integration into society.

In summer 2015, I traveled to Sao Paolo, Brazil where I volunteered at Adus, Instituto de Reintegração do Refugiado. In summer 2016, I spent my summer in Tijuana, Mexico interning at Casa del Migrante, where I worked with asylum seekers from Haiti. My research focuses on transit cities and localization and the way the city of Tijuana is responding to the current Haitian migrant crisis at the US-Mexico border.

Brianne Brianne Holden
Fall 2014 – Winter 2017
Advisor: Stephen Wooten

Originally from San Diego, California, Brianne developed her passion for culture and travel during a high school exchange program in Prachinburi, Thailand. As an undergraduate, she continued pursing her love of travel through a university exchange program to Salamanca, Spain, before earning her bachelors degree in Global Cultures, with minor in World History from UC Irvine.  From 2011-2012, Brianne taught English in Madrid and traveled around Western and Eastern Europe, and North Africa.

In her free time Brianne enjoys trying new foods and researching future places to travel. She currently works for UO as the study abroad scholarships graduate assistant. She is focusing her INTL grad work on Spanish-speaking cultures.

Katie Katie Holder
Fall 2015 – Spring 2017
Advisor: Stephen Wooten

Growing up in a small town in Montana inspired my passion to experience the world. After finishing an Environmental Studies Bachelor’s degree at the University of Montana, I hopped on a plane bound for Zambia with the United States Peace Corps. I served for two years as a Rural Aquaculture Extension Agent in the beautiful village of Kyafukuma. My time there has forever impacted my life. It has stimulated my engagement with the conversation of development further.

With my International Studies Master’s degree, I am focusing on the global political economy and its effects on culturally sustainable development. I believe the cultures of the world are droplets that make up our massive ocean of being – knowledge intermingling where it will. The sea does not have a hierarchy of droplets, and each droplet is only powerful as part of the whole. Development must reflect this. I feel extremely lucky and humbled to have the opportunity of higher education at the University of Oregon. I do not take my time here for granted. I hope to pursue a career encouraging future generations to expand their given framework of mind by exploring the world.

If I can manage a break from snorkeling in words you will find me hiking, skiing, biking and backpacking – always with a tantalizing variety of locally brewed beer. I could not be happier in this place I currently call home.

Joze Moreno Pelayo
Fall 2015 – Summer 2017
Advisor: Angela Joya

Born in Punto Fijo, a coastal city in western Venezuela, with the second biggest oil refinery in the world, I grew up surrounded by immigrants and foreign oil workers, which develop my deep interest in international relations, diplomacy, and the culture of oil-based economy countries, which will later develop in my interest for the Middle East.

I have traveled extensively since I was a kid, a thing I always liked to do, I started traveling alone at the age of 15, and met wonderful people along the way. I did a high-school exchange program in somerset, England, with students from around the world which solidified what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I did my undergrad in Political Science, and later my MA degree in International Studies at the UO, where I focused on the varying perspectives of stakeholders in the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Lebanon, where I traveled for 3 months after winning the Public Impact Fellowship. I recently participated in an exchange program in youth development strategies in the Caucasus region in Russia for 2 weeks, and I am currently taking part in some projects in Israel/Palestine for two months. This photo of me was taken at the Baalbek Roman Temple in the Beqaa Province in Lebanon.

In my free time, I enjoy going out with friends, cross-fit, and extreme adventures around the world. As a development practitioner, I am highly interested in a career in diplomacy and international technical advising, with a focus on Syrian refugees, sustainable economic development, international security, and the role of civil society in policy making.

Kate Stoysich Kate Stoysich
Fall 2014-Summer 2016
Advisor: Kristin Yarris

I’m originally from Nebraska, but my love for all things international started on a study abroad trip to France during high school and was solidified during university when I spent a semester studying in Wollongong, Australia.  My path in life has been a circular one starting off as a biologist, transitioning to food and farming (including 3 years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Paraguay), and eventually landing in healthcare as a Community Health Worker.

These experiences led me to seek out an interdisciplinary Masters program where I could take my life experiences and study exactly what I wanted.  I’m focusing my degree on medical anthropology and public health and conducted my field research in Mazatlan, Mexico with diabetic patients. I’m interested in understanding their cultural beliefs around their illness and how this impacts how people live with and subsequently manage their illness.  While my time in Paraguay was the most formative in my life thus far, I consider myself to be an Oregonian at this point, having spent five years in the Columbia River Gorge prior to moving to Eugene. In my free time I enjoy hiking, cooking and eating good food, taking dance and yoga classes and, most importantly, spending time with my friends in an effort to build community.

Nicky Nicolette Ulrich
Fall 2016- Spring 2018
Advisor: Stephen Wooten

Nicolette is originally from Huntington Beach, California and moved to Eugene, Oregon to pursue a concurrent Master’s degrees in Nonprofit Management and International Studies, emphasising in Food Studies.

She served in the Peace Corps in Senegal, West Africa where she developed a passion for food security while working with local women on “market gardens”. After returning from the Peace Corps, she took an opportunity to live and work at Heifer International’s education-farm in Massachusetts leading educational programming with students and groups in the area.

Last year Nicolette lived and worked on a farm in Springfield where she continued to develop her passion for small-scale farming. Currently, Nicolette is the Peace Corps Recruiter on campus as a Graduate Employee. She also enjoys hiking around Oregon, teaching yoga and cooking vegan dishes.