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Faculty & Graduate Student Brown Bag Presentations

Held on Fridays from 11am-noon in 348 PLC. Attendees are welcome to bring their lunch.

What are Brown Bag presentations?  Short (15-25 minute), semi-formal presentations about research being conducted by members of our department.  We started doing Brown Bags last year as an effort to give graduate students a chance to learn more about the research our faculty are working on.  It also provides a great opportunity for graduate students who have already conducted research to share their process with other students, to get questions and comments about their methods and arguments, and to practice presenting their findings. We try to draw the connections between faculty and graduate student research as well. Finally, it is great for first year students to attend as you will see all the wonderful and interesting things that your fellow students are working on (while also being assured that you too can do it!), and get a chance to know more about professors in the department.


Schedule for AY 2016-17

Winter Term Presentations:

Friday, January 20th 11-12 pm
Title: Cuba’s Food and Agriculture at the Crossroads
Speaker: Galen Martin, International Studies Professor

Friday, January 27th 11-12 pm
Title: On Bystander Upstander Intervention
Speaker: Matthew Carmichael, Chief of Police, UO Police Department
In light of USA’s current political climate, this session will focus on how faculty and students alike can directly participate and contribute to an inclusive, welcoming, and diverse environment.

Friday, February 10th 11-12 pm
Title: Interdisciplinary Research in Gender and Mental Illness: Sharing Findings from Mexico
Speaker: Kristin Yarris, International Studies Professor

Friday, March 3rd 11-12 pm: TBD


Spring Term Presentations To Be Announced