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Projected Courses by Term

The  UO class schedule is the best resource for information on upcoming course offerings.


The following projected course schedule for the 2017-2018 academic year is tentative and subject to change. The UO Class schedule is your most accurate guide to upcoming courses.

Current course syllabi will be posted here as they are received. Details may be subject to change. Syllabi that have been received are available by clicking the hyperlinked instructor names below. Additional examples of past INTL course syllabi can be found here.


Subject Number Course Title Fall 2018
Winter 2019
Spring 2019
INTL 101 Intro to International Issues Martin, G      
INTL 199 Globalization & the Global Economy     Joya, A + discussion
INTL 199 Global Education Meek, D   + discussion
INTL 240 Perspectives in International Development  Galvan, D   + discussion
INTL 250 Value Systems in Cross-Cultural Perspective    Wooten, S + discussion
INTL 340 Global Health & Development  Yarris, K     + discussion
INTL 345 Africa Today: Issues & Concerns  Wooten, S      
INTL 360 International Cooperation & Conflict      Martin, G + discussion
INTL 407/507 Sem Culture & Development   Wooten, S    
INTL 407/507 Sem Global Political Economy of Development      
INTL 407/507 Sem Political Economy of War and Conflict   Joya, A    
INTL 408/508 Wksp International Careers MacDonald, N      
INTL 410/510 Capstone Martin, G Martin, G Martin, G  
INTL  410/510 Global Story of Race Weaver, J
INTL 410/510 Food Sovereignty      Meek, D  
INTL 410/510 Global Perspective on Disability Sygall, S
INTL 410/510 Ecology and Health Meek, D
INTL 410/510 Transnational Migration     Joya, A  
INTL 421/521 Gender and International Development     Braun, Y  
INTL 422/522 Aid to Developing Countries     Weiss, A  *pre-req: INTL 240
INTL 423/523 Development and the Muslim World    Joya, A  
INTL 424/524  UN Intervention in Global Crises Macdonald, N      
INTL 425/525 Global Food Security    Martin, G  
INTL 431/531 Cross-Cultural Communication     Carpenter, K  
INTL 442/542 South Asia: Development and Social Change     Weiss, A  
INTL 444/544 Development and Social Change in SouthEast Asia     Carpenter, K  
INTL 446/546 Development & Social Change in Latin America Shenkin, E      
INTL 463/563 Population Displacement & Global Health Yarris, K      
INTL 607 Seminar in Grad Methods Weaver, J
INTL 655 International Graduate Student Core Seminar Wooten, S      
INTL 657 Proseminar: Proposal Writing     Carpenter, K