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Concurrent Degrees, Certificates and Grad Specializations

M.A. Credentials

International Studies M.A. students may add career-enhancing degrees/certificates/ or graduate specializations to their coursework. While pursuing an M.A. in International Studies, they may apply:

  1. to earn a concurrent degree in a separate M.A. program
  2. to earn a certificate
  3. to pursue a graduate specialization

The University of Oregon Graduate School governs procedures for earning M.A. credentials.

MA Policies and Procedures

Concurrent Degrees

Concurrent Degree Programs
(you must apply and be accepted to each program)

Conflict and Dispute Resolution

Environmental Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

Law (JDMA)

Planning, Public Policy and Management
MA Public Administration
MA Non Profit Management
MA Community and Regional Planning

Political Science

Graduate Certificates
(Certificate declaration required)

Graduate Teaching Initiative (certificate of completion)
offered through the Teaching Engagement Program

New Media and Culture Certificate

Nonprofit Certificate

Women and Gender Studies

Graduate Specializations
Apply for Graduate Specialization through the UO Graduate School

African Studies

Food Studies

Regional and International Conflict

International Studies Graduate Focus Areas

International Education

Diplomacy and International Relations

International Development