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Global Connections College and Career Advisors

The INTL advising office is in a transition right now as it moves its advising services to the new professional advising offices in the College and Career Advising office located on the first floor of Tykeson Hall located on 13th Avenue, between Johnson and Chapman Halls. At Tykeson Hall, you can work with professional College and Career Advisors who can help you explore your interests, schedule your classes, plan for graduation, discuss career interests, and more!

Students seeking advising specifically on their International Studies major or minor are now requested to make appointments with “Global Connections” advisors. The Global Connections advisors will work closely with the INTL Undergraduate Admin and Advising Teams to ensure students have clear understanding of departmental requirements.

Tykeson Advising Drop-In Advising Hours: Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Tykeson Advising Appointment Hours: Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Do these times not work for your schedule? Set up a scheduled appointment with an advisor using the University’s Advising Platform EAB Navigate or by calling 541-346-9200

Faculty Mentor 

The role of the faculty mentor as mentor is central to the program. Students interested in applying to the program should contact a faculty member with whom they have a common area of interest to act as their mentor and mentor, typically one of the International Studies Department core faculty, or an outside faculty member with expertise in the student’s concentration areas. For a list of faculty outside the INTL department who have served as faculty mentor to undergraduate majors, click here.

Undergraduate Coordinator

For immediate concerns, please contact Kenlei Cowell, our Undergraduate Coordinator, at

INTL Professor Kristin Yarris, INTL Professor Derrick Hindery, and INTL Undergraduate Coordinator Kenlei Cowell are Dreamer Allies who have committed to provide moral support and appropriate referrals for Dreamer students and that they will not share a student’s immigration status if revealed to them. Nonetheless, remember that when interacting with faculty, staff and offices around campus you are never required to reveal your immigration status.