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Duck Gifts for Pakistani Orphanage: Anita Weiss and UO Duck Store team up!

This winter the INTL Professor Anita Weiss worked with the UO Duck Store to bring a bounty of presents for young orphans from the streets of Peshawar Pakistan who have since found home in the ZamungKor Orphanage for boys.

After being invited by a friend, Imtiaz, who volunteers at the ZamungKor Orphanage, Professor Weiss inquired what she should bring and her friend relayed, “just enthusiasm and an open heart.” However, Weiss still wanted to bring a few gifts for the young boys, so she reached out the Duck Store to see if she could get sketchpads and pencils at cost. About a week later, the Duck Store returned Weiss’s inquiry and let her know that there was a bin of art supplies in the basement of the bookstore. Duck Store staff also mentioned that she might need help lifting it because over 50 lbs. (23 kilos) of art supplies had been donated by Duck Store suppliers!

Weiss worked with another UO faculty visiting Pakistan this winter to bring everything over for her winter visit.

During the visit, Imtiaz previewed the art supplies by doing a sketch of some of the boys. They were fascinated to watch him, surely enthralled with the endless possibilities a pencil and sketchpad hold!