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Interview with INTL Professor Anita Weiss on her Research in Pakistan

An interview with INTL Professor Anita Weiss, “Women’s share in politics will continue to grow,” was recently published in The News on Sunday paper. In the interview, Weiss discusses her work in Pakistan, a country she has been visiting and researching for forty years. Weiss delves into her last book Interpreting Islam, Modernity and Women’s Rights in Pakistan, as well as her current project, Countering Violent Extremism in Pakistan: Local Actions, Local Voices. Her current project “seeks to analyse the various ways people are responding, taking stands, recapturing their culture, and saying ‘stop’ to violent extremism.”

Professor Weiss’s take on the best way to promote understanding between countries? “People-to-people exchange… There is no question about that. This is why I recommend anyone in Pakistan who can study abroad or can find the means to study abroad should do so because they will see the world they cannot see sitting in Pakistan. Because the news is skewed everywhere: we often only hear the big headline news, sensationalist news, not about people’s everyday lives. A number of students have contacted me who are interested in studying in my university, the University of Oregon. I met a student at the Karachi Literature Festival where I was speaking last February, and his parents’ biggest worry was ‘will he be safe in America? Will he be harassed because he is a Muslim?’ He will be absolutely safe. The heart of most Americans are like the heart of most Pakistanis. They reach out, they want to understand, they want to befriend you.”

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