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Delaney Swink Receives the Undergraduate Jane Higdon Senior Thesis Scholarship!

Congratulations, Delaney Swink!

Delaney, one of our International Studies undergraduates, has received the Jane Higdon Senior Thesis Scholarship for her thesis “Social Change in Morocco: Islamic Feminism and Women’s Rights to Education” with faculty adviser Yvonne Braun.

Delaney’s thesis, in her own words: “My thesis seeks to deepen the conversation about feminism and Islam in Morocco, decentering hegemonic western feminism that excludes those outside the categories of white, secular, and liberal feminists. In reviewing feminist literature and intersectional feminist theory, and through interviews I conducted with Moroccan scholars and Islamic feminists during my semester in Morocco, the methodology provides a basis for understanding women’s movements in Morocco, the role of Islamic feminism in social, political, and religious spheres, and the obstacles faced thereof. My thesis will conclude that Islamic feminism is valuable in improving gender equality in Morocco through a culturally compatible framework, though illiteracy amongst women in Morocco serves as an obstacle that impedes on women’s ability to read the Quran and make their own religious decisions.”

Great work, and congratulations for this recognition of your achievements!