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Elizabeth James, B.A. – 2009

“I graduated with a BA in INTL and a minor in African Studies in 2009. Five years ago, after spending some time working and living in New York City, I moved to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In May 2016 I graduated with my MSc in Corporate Communication at University of Amsterdam (the programme is ranked first in continental Europe). Together with a post-doctorate faculty member, I revised my Masters thesis for submission to the International Communication Gazette – the article has just recenlty been published on SAGE’s OnlineFirst platform []

The foundational principles of my BA certainly permeated my MSc research. I continue to use the language skills (Swahili) I acquired while at the UO in my professional life. However, I must admit that the language I utilise most is Dutch. I now work for a corporate communications firm in Amsterdam and manage the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) accounts of three big-name players in the financial services industry. 
Professionally, I am interested in the economic relationships that exist between developed and emerging markets, and the systemic importance of the financial services industry. I believe that public relations and financial communication are intrinsically related to macroeconomic trends, and therefore impart a significant impact on global markets.”