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Gary Metts, B.A. — 2004

Gary recounts the impact that his INTL experience has had on his life:

“Getting my degree from UO in INTL in 2004 was an achievement that, I believe, gave me a great start in ‘adult life’ and what I learned during my time as a duck has led to the success and happiness I now enjoy! First off, the INTL program taught me about different cultures and societal models that are used around the world, which both opened my mind to different ways of thinking and problem-solving, as well as gave me enhanced skills in working with folks from diverse backgrounds – so badly needed in this world today. I’ll never forget Professor Proudfoot and the way in which he instilled in me a love of history and a desire to learn the truth about the world around me. Also, having the chance to study in Italy during my Junior year was, yet another, eye-opening and mind-expanding experience that I’ve never forgotten and treasure very much. I’m sure it’s easy for some folks to dismiss the INTL program as less practical than skilled trades that lead more directly to a career like engineering, law or architecture. However, I would argue that the experience you gain studying INTL – particularly at a world-class school like UO – is just as valuable to a young person long-term. Since graduating,I’ve helped to start 4 different businesses – a financial advisory practice, a retail store selling handmade goods, a wholesale jewelry line and a design/build construction firm (which I currently run and which employs 18 people full-time). I have been able to achieve these modest things because of the skills acquired at UO that have allowed me to partner with investors, managers, customers and employees of all different backgrounds. Business school was not needed for me, as the passion for learning that the INTL program gave me drove me to always learn more and continually look for a better way to get things done and work more harmoniously with folks. Best of all, I met my wife at UO! We currently live in Rhode Island and have two little kids – Kevin and Carly. Guess I owe it all to the UO and, specifically, the INTL program!”

Gary is pictured above with his wife (Devienna Anggraini, UO alumni BFA Jewelry/Metalsmithing 2003) and two kids.