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Elena Bogolyubova, M.A. — 2010

Elena Bogolyubova has been very busy since graduating in 2010 with a concurrent M.A. degree in International Studies and PPPM.

Elena served as research assistant in a USAID project on child welfare in Ukraine and taught internationally focused courses in the Family and Human Services Program at the UO College of Education. During 2013/14 academic year, she coordinated the Student Internships’ Exchange for Child Protection (SIECP) Project, which received the US – Russia Civil Society Partnership Award for promoting the partnership and collaboration among academic, public and non-profit organizations at regional and international levels. The UO and Russian undergraduate students enhanced their cross-cultural understanding of social problems in both countries and advanced their professional skills by participating in seminars on child protection in Eugene, and through an internship in Russia.

This year, Elena is about to implement a new project: Prevention Bridges to Youth Positive Change. This Project has received the US-Russia Peer-to Peer Dialogue Award for 2016/17 and International Studies undergraduate students will be involved in the implementation.

In the photo above, Elena is backpacking in the Caucasus mountains with children from Russian orphanages. She is center, yellow shirt.