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Claire Aubin: How Politics Affects Justice


Justice, Interrupted

October 3, 2016

Claire Aubin, a recent graduate from International Studies discovered for herself how politics can affect the distribution of justice.


John Demjanjuk (above) was a Ukrainian autoworker (1977) accused of Nazi war crimes.


Aubin attended a research seminar at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and learned of major gaps in the infamous case of John Demjanjuk, the Ukrainian autoworker who had been living in Cleveland’s suburbs during the years following World War II. Demjanjuk was a former guard at a Nazi concentration camp, but his trial revealed that he was *not* the notorious guard at Triblinka that he was suspected of being. Claire spent months researching public and private collections for her thesis, discovering how common justice can be interrupted when political aims collide. A report about her experience is published this month in the UO College of Arts and Sciences Magazine, “Cascade.”