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New for INTL Majors admitted Fall 2016 or later- Required Block C courses

Happy Fall term, Pre-International Studies students!  The INTL major now requires all students to take one required INTL-prefix course on their geographic focus as part of their Block C. The Block C regions and the corresponding required courses are listed below-

Geographic Region Options Required Course
Africa INTL 345 Africa Today, or INTL 445 Development & Social Change in Sub-Saharan Africa
East & Southeast Asia INTL 444 Development & Social Change in SE Asia
Southeast Asia & Pacific Islands INTL 444 Development & Social Change in SE Asia
South Asia INTL 442 Development & Social Change in South Asia
Middle East INTL 323 Islam & Global Forces, or INTL 423 Development in the Muslim World
Latin America & Caribbean INTL 446 Development & Social Change in Latin America
Europe INTL 407 Development & Social Change in Europe

This Fall Term 2016, INTL is offering the following INTL prefix courses that are required for the regions of East & Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Africa. If you are focusing on these regions, we encourage you to sign up for the required course so that you may fulfill this requirement!

INTL 345 Africa Today:Iss/Conc 4.0 cr CRN 13068 TuTh 1000-1150

INTL 442 S Asia: Dev & Soc Chng 4.0 cr CRN 16535 TuTh 1600-1720

INTL 444 Dev/Soc Ch SE Asia 4.0 cr CRN 16531 TuTh 1600-1720