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Three International Studies undergraduates recognized for their outstanding achievements

On April 30th, The Oregon Daily Emerald announced the UO students selected as 25 Ducks winners. Among the 25 students selected, three are current International Studies undergraduate majors!  Read more about Sophia Hoover, Emma Carscallen, and Amber Erkan below.


From the Daily Emerald Website 4.30.15

What is 25 Ducks?

Out of 24,181 students at the University of Oregon, 25 outstanding Ducks have been selected. Each finalist, and ultimate winner, is nominated and chosen based on their involvement in campus and the surrounding community, the diversity of that involvement and overcoming testing situations.

These nominations are public and open to everyone affiliated with the university.The nominations were then reviewed by a panel from the Emerald Media Group, and were selected by that panel. The interviews with each of the winners were completed by Emerald newsroom employees, and the publication is designed by DesignShop and Venture — business entities of the Emerald Media Group.

Of the finalists there are 14 seniors, three juniors, four sophomores, one first year, one second year, and two third years. Their majors are spread across the board — from business and political science to biological anthropology and Eurasian studies.

Each of the 25 winners are unique. From passion for climate change reform to women’s rights, these Ducks all have something in common: They’re looking to change the world, and using their personal experiences and hardships to do so.

Inside these pages are 25 stories of people, students just like you, who are being recognized for the difference they have making in the community or the challenges they’ve overcome in their lives.

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