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Graduate Student Commencement Page




If your research involves human subjects, you must apply with Research Compliance Services two months before your research begins.

If you are uncertain whether your research needs review, please email a brief description of your project. A staff member will reply to tell you how to proceed and which of the following application form to submit:

  1. Exempt review (approval lasts 5 years, and involves very light contact/risk to individuals involved in your research)
  2. Expedited review (approval lasts one year, and also involves light contact/risk to individuals involved in your research. You must reapply every year to continue research.)
  3. Full review (this kind of review is usually required when there is potentially more risk or adverse results for the subjects involved in your research).


WEEK TWO: Apply to Graduate

Friday Last day to apply for degree online at the Graduate School website

When you apply to graduate, you’ll be asked if you were involved in human or animal subjects research. If yes, you’ll be asked for the protocol number you received when you applied for research clearance with Research Compliance Services.

The Grad School has a webpage “Getting Ready to Graduate.” To find it, go to the regular Grad School webpage. Hover over “Current Students,” and click on “Getting Ready to Graduate.” You will find deadlines and requirements on that page.

NOTE: Hard copy thesis abstracts are no longer required to be submitted to the Grad School. The abstract is a required page of the final PDF copy of the thesis, but does not require advisor signature.

WEEK THREE: Schedule Your Thesis or Policy Paper Presentation

  • Schedule Your Thesis or Policy Paper Presentation with your committee members.
  • Let the Grad Coordinator know the date and time so your thesis/policy paper defense can be scheduled in either PLC 348 or other room if that works better for you.
  • The Graduate Coordinator will create an International Studies approval form for you to take to your thesis/policy paper defense.
  • YOU MUST ALSO PREPARE the Graduate School approval form to take to your thesis/policy paper presentation.
  • Bring both forms to the Grad Coordinator after they’ve been signed, so we can make a copy for our records.


  • Get to work early on formatting your manuscript. You do not need to use a specific format, but you must be consistent throughout the manuscript.
  • Go to see the Grad School editor early! The closer it gets to the end of the term, the longer the wait times.  Check with the Grad School for the editor’s office hours.
  • Don’t be afraid to visit the Grad School if you have questions! The Graduate School is open Monday ‐ Friday, 8:00 a.m. to noon and 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. It’s located at Susan Campbell Hall on the ground floor. Susan Campbell Hall is just past the Museum, heading east from PLC.

WEEKS SEVEN & EIGHT: Meet with Grad Coordinator and Present Thesis/Policy Paper Defense

MONDAY THROUGH WEDNESDAY – Make an appointment to meet with the Graduate Coordinator, so that your statement of completion can be submitted this week. This is essential for your degree. Be sure that your planner is clear, so the Grad Coordinator knows how you are meeting your Language requirement, and that you have reviewed your planner with the Grad Coordinator.


Bring the following form to your thesis presentation:
Thesis/Dissertation Approval Form – you fill this form online, print it out and collect signatures from your chair, co‐chair and advisor.

WEEK TEN: Upload your Thesis

TUESDAY – Last day (by 5 p.m.) to upload your completed and approved thesis and submit signed forms to the Graduate School

Thesis/Dissertation Submission Form – you fill this out online, and print it AFTER uploading your thesis.


UO Spring Commencement will take place on Monday, June 16, 2014.

Andrew Howe, Assa Sylla and Jean Faye, 2013 graduates

Andrew Howe, Assitan Sylla Traore and Jean Faye, INTL 2013 graduates

Where and when is the International Studies Graduation Ceremony?

  • The International Studies ceremony will be held at noon on Monday, June 16th in the EMU Amphitheater at the southeast corner of E13th Ave and University Streets.

Information for Guests

  • Multiple guests are welcome to attend the INTL departmental ceremony; no tickets are required.
  • Free shuttles will run from 7am-6pm between the parking lots at Autzen Stadium and the load/unload point on campus.

    Guests are strongly encouraged to take advantage of free parking at Autzen Stadium and the free shuttle service to reach campus.

    Guests should plan to arrive at the parking lot at least an hour before the start of any ceremony they wish to attend to ensure enough time to reach their ceremony site.

  • The INTL ceremony will be held outside, rain or shine.
  • Prepare to arrive early to the ceremony location as seating is first come first serve.
  • For guests with accessibility or special needs, please contact the INTL office (541-346-5051) prior to Monday the 17th so that arrangements can be made.

What is the International Studies ceremony like?

  • The ceremony will include speeches by faculty-appointed Graduate and Undergraduate students of the current graduating class, and an INTL alum as the featured commencement speaker. Musical guests will provide entertainment. The ceremony will allow each participating graduate to be recognized individually by faculty as they walk across the stage and accept their diploma covers. Following the ceremony, a reception at a nearby location will provide graduates and guests a chance to visit and enjoy some catered refreshments, including cake and beverages.

For information about the UO General Commencement Ceremony and other graduation activities on campus, visit the UO Spring Graduation Page

There is no International Studies graduation ceremony during fall, winter or summer. Graduates from those terms may participate in the spring ceremony. Please let the Grad Coordinator know if you plan to attend the spring ceremony.